Dublin's National Maternity Hospital confirms death of pregnant woman

Malak Kuzbary Thawley and her husband Alan Image copyright Alan Thawley/CM Haughey Solicitors
Image caption Malak Kuzbary Thawley worked as a teacher and lived in Ireland with her husband Alan

An Irish hospital has begun an investigation after the death of a pregnant woman in its care.

Dublin's National Maternity Hospital confirmed the death on Tuesday.

Irish broadcaster RTÉ reports that Malak Kuzbary Thawley, who was 34, was pregnant for the first time when she died at the hospital on 8 May.

It is understood she died during emergency surgery to deal with an ectopic pregnancy on 8 May at the Holles Street hospital.

An ectopic pregnancy is when an embryo implants in the fallopian tube.

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Image caption The National Maternity Hospital confirmed that a pregnant woman died in its care

It can be treated with drugs if identified early, but surgery is needed when it is more developed.

A spokesman for the hospital said: "Every maternal death is a deeply tragic event and, as always, our thoughts are with the loved ones of the deceased.

"As with all maternal deaths, this case is subject to the coronial process and the hospital is unable to make any comment."

Ms Thawley, who worked as a teacher, was originally from Syria and her husband Alan is from the United States.

Both had been living and working in Ireland for the past three years.