France's first Shakespearean-style theatre vandalised

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Media captionHug Schofield reports: "Whoever did it thinks the theatre is a blot on the landscape and a waste of money"

France's first ever Shakespearean Globe-style theatre has been vandalised a week before its official opening.

Slogans including "Irresponsible Politicians - Shame" were spray-painted in orange over the theatre's all-wood exterior, south of Calais.

The theatre's British architect Andrew Todd said it was an act of "politically-motivated desecration" by the far right.

Critics argue that the theatre is a waste of money.

Other slogans daubed on its exterior as well on walls in the neighbouring Chateau d'Hardelot included "Wart" and "The Debt".

"This was not the act of a bunch of teenage malcontents; it was a well-organised, adult, carefully-executed stunt relaying through violence the messages expressed already in the political sphere by the extreme right," said Mr Todd.

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Image caption The theatre's design has been hailed as a major innovation in France

Situated about 30 miles (48 km) south of Calais, the Elizabethan-era theatre was commissioned by the Socialist-run Pas-de-Calais department at a cost of around €6m ($6.8m; £4.6m). It is due to be inaugurated with a series of performances next weekend.

But it has drawn criticism from opponents of the local government, who say it is an elitist waste of money. The far-right National Front has some of its highest scores in the region around Calais.

With seating for 400 in balconies and a pit, the Hardelot theatre is the first in France to offer the intimacy of a Globe-style design. Several well-known French directors have welcomed it as a major innovation.

Mr Todd linked the vandalism to the "febrile atmosphere preceding the British EU referendum, in which Europe's far-right parties are attempting to stoke trouble".

But he said the building was "fundamentally an incarnation of Franco-British understanding, and would remain necessary whatever the result on Thursday".

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