Guernsey States adopts good governance principles

The States of Guernsey has agreed to sign up to six principles of good governance.

They were drawn up in a report by the UK Independent Commission.

An independent report in 2009 concluded the States did not provide good leadership or value for money and did not meet any of the principles.

In response to concerns raised that they were too prescriptive three committees were tasked with suggesting changes to adapt them for the island.

The move to introduce guidelines for good governance in the States dates back to a report by the Wales Audit Office, released in September 2009, which found there were "fundamental problems" within the States.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC), which commissioned the report, was behind the recommendation to sign up to the principles.

Its proposition was amended before it was voted through so that PAC, the Scrutiny Committee and the States Assembly and Constitution Committee were tasked with jointly working on proposals for how the principles can be applied in practical terms and compliance with them can be measured.

Deputy Matt Fallaize, who with Shane Langlois was behind the change, said: "The three committees... will now work on a blueprint for how we make serious improvement to government.

"These things have to be measurable, they have to be deliverable, they have to be noticeable because otherwise it's all just words."

Deputies also agreed all statements on future proposals would be measured in the extent to which they conform to the principles.

The report by the three committees is due to presented to the States by March 2012.

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