Guernsey minister calls for parishes to clean streets

A member of Guernsey's Policy Council has called for the island's "grubby" streets to be cleaned by the parishes.

Deputy Dave Jones said: "We're seeing a very grubby island at the moment. Why are the parishes not responsible?"

He said transferring responsibility from States Works would encourage competition between the parishes "to see which is the best kept".

St. Martin's Senior Constable Richard Strappini said parish douzaines would need additional man power and cash.

Mr Strappini said: "What the deputies are saying to us is 'you go and find the resources from your rates'. In other words, we must tax our own parish rate-payers more than before."

"However, I don't think the States are going to lower their taxes to compensate. So our poor parishioners are going to be paying an extra rate as well as their original tax."

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