Pledge to instil good governance in Guernsey

A new working group has pledged to instil the highest standards of governance in the States of Guernsey.

The Joint Committees' Working Party involves the collaboration of three States committees.

It has been set up to help the States adopt the six core principles of good governance determined by the UK Independent Commission.

Chairman Matt Fallaize said the group intended to launch an extensive consultation before making any changes.

'Worth investing time'

He said: "I think anybody with any idea of politics and government can see that we could do things better.

"Governance is not the most sexy or captivating subject, I accept that, and, as has often been said to me, it doesn't of itself make the buses run on time.

"But I think it's important because if your governance arrangements are not right or not as strong as they could be then your democracy is not as strong as it could be.

"Democracy is something that is worth enhancing so it certainly worth investing time in this."

Deputy Fallaize encouraged any island politicians with an interest in governance to speak or write to the group.

The six principles, drawn up in a report by the UK Independent Commission, were adopted by the States in March.

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