Guernsey road signs 'hidden' by overgrown hedges

Guernsey road signs slightly obscured by vegetation
Image caption The department has asked landowners to take year round responsibility for their hedges

Guernsey landowners are being asked to ensure hedges and trees do not obscure road signs, after concerns were raised by the Environment Department.

Officials said it had been noted some traffic lights were similarly obscured.

A spokeperson said: "This can lead to motorists not being able to adequately see the lights on approach and this is obviously a cause for concern."

It has asked property owners to give urgent attention to trees and vegetation that need to be cut.

Hedges bordering a public road must be cut back twice a year, between 1 to 15 June and 15 to 30 September each year.

The department said it had asked landowners to take responsibility throughout the year to ensure that signs are completely visible.

It said in severe cases the overgrown vegetation could interfere with the detector positioned on top of traffic lights, which may lead to vehicles not being detected and to longer waiting periods for a green lights or the signals not changing at all.

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