Guernsey's population to hit 70,000 by 2035

Guernsey's population is set to reach 70,000 within the next 25 years, according to the latest States projections.

The figure is based on current trends, which have seen an average net migration of 200 people each year.

The population is expected to then level off before declining after 2055.

The Policy Council's latest population report, based on figures up to March 2010, showed at that time there were 62,431 people living in the island.

The increase of 157 on a year earlier is mostly due to 143 more births taking place than deaths, with the remaining 14 extra people coming from net migration.

The projections, based on a migration of more than 200 people per year, show the possible effect of the baby-boomer generation from the post-war years as it starts to reach retirement age.

The latest figures show that for every 100 people of working age there are 48 people either too young or too old to work, but this figure is expected to rise to 85 for every 100 by 2050.

Population head counts have been calculated by the Social Security Department using administrative records since 2006, but were previously collected through census - the last of which was held in 2001.

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