Education Minister says worship policy is 'progressive'

Guernsey's Education Minister says the island's schools' worship law is more progressive than the one in England.

Deputy Carol Steere said pupils in Guernsey were taught a broader range of moral perspectives, as the law states that worship should not be particular to any one religious denomination.

English law requires most schools to provide "broadly Christian worship", giving particular status to Jesus.

Deputy Steere said Christianity does still play a part in Guernsey's policy.

Guernsey law states that worship should take place every day.

Deputy Steere said she agreed with the law, and said: "I would suggest that it is taught in schools, it is displayed in schools, it is discussed in schools.

"We do have a link with local churches... they are welcomed in, but it is broad."

She said a standing advisory group had been set up to monitor worship and offer support to local schools.

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