Guernsey's minimum postal deliveries may be reduced

Guernsey Post could be required to make deliveries only on weekdays if the States agrees to proposals.

Commerce and Employment has suggested the change after a consultation on the frequency of postal deliveries.

If agreed the proposals would mean a minimum of five daily deliveries on weekdays, instead of the current minimum of six days including weekdays.

Guernsey Post has said if the Royal Mail reduced its deliveries to five days a week it may have to follow suit.

Commerce and Employment said the reduction in deliveries by the UK company "seems likely" and suggested it would follow other European jurisdictions by stopping Saturday deliveries.

It said the change to the Universal Service Obligation, which sets out the minimum a postal company is expected to provide, was consistent with those of most Western European countries.

The move is supported by the Office of Utility Regulation, which regulates the island's postal market.

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