Plans for floating restaurant in Guernsey refused

Planning permission for a floating restaurant at Guernsey's Beaucette Marina has been refused by the island's Environment Department.

Stephen Haines, owner of the marina, wanted to open the facility in October, creating up to 30 jobs.

The department refused permission on the grounds of there being no evidence of demand from visitors to Guernsey.

Mr Haines criticised the decision, and said: "It would be something for the island that would put it on the map."

He added: "I'm not going to slag the planners off... but there is no creativity and forward thinking there at all."

The plans submitted to the Environment Department would have seen the boat operate alongside the existing restaurant at the marina.

The 135ft schooner would have had room for 87 diners, and would have been positioned on a specially built concrete pad.

Mr Haines said he would now consider plans to open the restaurant in Jersey, Holland or on the Thames.

Beaucette Marina lies in the North-East of Guernsey, and was formerly a quarry.

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