Cornwall has 'a lot to learn' from Guernsey

The chairman of a Cornish devolution campaign group said a recent factfinding visit to Guernsey had given him plenty of ideas.

Bert Biscoe of the Cornish Constitutional Convention said examining the way Guernsey was run could help his group's campaign.

He spoke areas that could be examined, and said of Guernsey: "We feel that we've got a lot to learn from you."

Mr Biscoe commissioned a researcher to visit Guernsey and produce a report.

Jane Howells visited in September 2011, and met politicians and lawmakers.

Mr Biscoe said Ms Howells had been "received with immense generosity and friendliness".

He said the preliminary thoughts from the trip were the similarities between the two places, as well as the things Cornwall could learn from Guernsey.

He said he was "interested in what you do but also how you do it and what your structures are", adding that Guernsey was a self-contained jurisdiction.

Mr Biscoe, who is also a councillor, said the information would enable him to approach Cornwall council better informed about how his campaign could work.

He said: "It is a study, you absorb what they tell you, and engage with the people you're hoping to influence with the knowledge."

The Cornish Constitutional Convention aims to find a way of governing Cornwall within the UK.

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