Guernsey to follow relaxation of UK blood donor rules

Guernsey is to follow the UK's relaxation of its blood donor rules, by allowing gay and bisexual men to donate.

The UK Government announced it would allow donations, as long as the donor has not had sex with another man in the past year.

Guernsey's Health and Social Services Department said it tended to follow national guidelines on blood donation.

The department aims to make the change close to 7 November.

That is the date on which the UK will change its rules.

Deputy Hunter Adam, the Minister for the Health and Social Services Department, said: "There's a criteria across a wide spectrum of aspects in relation to giving blood."

He added: "It is so important that we make sure it is as safe as possible to give blood and for someone to have blood given to them."

Other restrictions on blood donations in Guernsey will remain in place.

The restriction on donations from gay men was implemented in the 1980s to prevent the risk of HIV contamination.

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