Guernsey dog tax rate is 'not high enough'

A Guernsey politician has raised concerns the island's dog tax is not high enough and does not even cover the cost of collecting it.

The comments came as the States agreed to change the law so dog owners will have to pay £10 a year, instead of £5.

Deputy Francis Quin said the system needed reviewing. He said he had been told by one parish official that it cost £12.50 to process the tax.

He added: "Why do I have to tax my dogs not my cat? It doesn't make sense."

The annual tax is collected by the parish douzaines every January.

Owners have to pay for each dog they own over the age of six months, with exceptions for dogs kept solely by a deaf or disabled person for their hearing or guidance.

Anyone not paying the tax faces a fine of up to £500.

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