Chief Minister's travel expenses revealed

The Guernsey chief minister's £66,000 travel expenses have been described as "a fact of life" by the Policy Council.

The figure is the total Deputy Lyndon Trott has spent in the island's top political job since being elected to the post in May 2008.

The figures also showed he spent more than 150 days off-island on States business.

The Policy Council said off-island travel was "necessary to engage with other jurisdictions".

'Best value'

A further £56,000 was spent on States employees who accompanied him on some of the trips.

Deputy Trott's most expensive trip cost £5,300 when he was part of a four-day delegation to China to promote the island's financial services.

The Policy Council released a statement regarding the figures, which were requested by Deputy Mary Lowe.

It said: "The Policy Council is ever mindful that it needs to ensure wise and effective use of taxpayers' money in all areas of expenditure including travel.

"To that end, when arranging travel, the council always seeks to get the best value for money.

"Off-island travel is only one aspect of the external relations work undertaken by the Policy Council, which on a day-to-day basis is ordinarily carried out by email, telephone or video conference.

"Costs are saved and efficiencies made wherever possible."

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