Jenny Tasker takes Guernsey's deputy education job

Guernsey politician Jenny Tasker has been appointed deputy minister for the island's Education Department.

Procedure dictated that, following the resignation of minister Deputy Carol Steere, an election for the role of deputy minister must also take place.

Deputy Tasker replaced Deputy Tony Spruce, which received the approval of the new minister Robert Sillars.

Deputy Sillars said he felt the choice would bring "new blood" to the political board of the department.

Deputy Tasker joined the Education Department in October 2011, following the resignation of two of its members after the release of sub-standard GCSE results.

She also put her name forward for election to the role of Education Minister in January 2011, along with Treasury and Resources member Deputy Allister Langlois.

Both lost out to Deputy Robert Sillars.

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