Saumarez Park fishing ban reminder after bird's death

The death of a cormorant caught up in fishing line has led to a reminder that fishing in Saumarez Park pond is banned.

The Environment Department said the bird had been found dead in a tree near the pond on Friday after being caught up in a lead weight and line.

It said the cormorant was known to be a regular visitor to the pond.

A spokesman asked anyone who saw fishing take place to immediately report it to the department.

He said: "It's rare for the department's staff to see fishing taking place though we know that it occurs by the litter found.

"The cormorant's death is sad, but a child or pet dog could easily be injured in this popular area of the park by discarded hooks or line."

The department described the pond as a valuable food source for many wild birds and said there were about 25 pairs of mallards and four pairs of moorhens that regularly fed and roosted around the pond.

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