Inquiry into turnover of Guernsey social workers

An investigation will take place into the turnover of social workers in Guernsey.

The Islands Child Protection Committee said a high staff turnover had led to a lack of continuity of care.

Its first annual report also highlighted a high number of children on the protection register who had parents with drug and alcohol issues.

Chairman David Hughes said a lack of stability had undermined efforts to help at-risk children and families.

"The social worker, if they're not with a particular child and family for very long, can't built up a relationship," he said.

"From a child and family's point of view, it's the constant change which is bound to be disruptive to them.

"Children and families can very easily just get turned off and not want to co-operate."

The committee said it would investigate the issue of social workers in Guernsey leaving their jobs as a priority.

It will also examine the number of at-risk children who have parents with mental health issues.

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