Guernsey's election attracts a record turnout

The 2012 Guernsey election attracted a turnout claimed to be a record high for the Crown Dependencies.

Adrian Lee, a Channel Islands election expert, said the 71.4% turnout in the 2012 general election beat the previous record set by the Isle of Man of 69%.

The highest percentage turnout among Guernsey's districts was 76.2% in the West, where former deputy Roger Perrot topped the polls with 2,266 votes.

The Vale district reported the most voters with 3,510.

Twelve sitting deputies lost their seats, including the Deputy Chief Minister Bernard Flouquet, and the longest serving States member Deputy Ivan Rihoy.

Meanwhile 20 new candidates and two former politicians gained seats in the assembly.

Four new candidates topped the polls in their respective districts, while one former politician and two sitting deputies came first in the remaining districts.

In contrast to Guernsey's high turnout, Jersey's general election in 2011 attracted a turnout of around 48%.

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