Guernsey's west coast roads to be hit by wind and tide

Road users on Guernsey's west coast have been warned that waves could break over sea walls later.

A combination of a 9.4m (30.8ft) high tide at 21:46 BST and an expected south-westerly wind of force five to seven has given rise to the warning.

Debris is also expected to be thrown on to the roads on Friday, when the tide peaks at 8.9m (29.2ft) at 10:14 BST.

Harbour Master Capt Peter Gill warned boat owners to check their moorings, without putting themselves at risk.

"Make sure that your boat covers are secured and your bilges pumped," he said.

Capt Gill anticipated there could be more risk of damage as a result of the unseasonable weather.

"At this time of the year, there are a lot of boats down in the bays which would not be there when we expect bad weather - in the winter," he said.

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