Debate for Guernsey's charity lottery rules

The States are to debate whether profit from the Channel Islands Summer Lottery can be given to charities in Guernsey.

The law currently dictates that profit from the Christmas lottery does go to charity, but the summer profit goes to the States.

In Jersey profit from both of the £1m prize funds go to local charities.

Guernsey's Culture and Leisure Minister, Mike O'Hara, said he was "sure" the regulation would be overturned.

He said: "We're going to go back to the States, it might be October-November time, to ask.

'Magic million'

"I'm sure at the end of the day the States all want the proceeds to go to charity but there are things we have to discuss before that."

The new summer lottery was launched on 28 June with the sale of one million £2 tickets in Jersey and Guernsey. The draw is due to take place on 9 August.

If all of the tickets are sold, an estimated £350,000-450,000 is expected to be raised, with the remaining £250,000-350,000 going on costs and agents' fees.

Deputy Francis Quin, the chairman of the Guernsey Lottery Advisory Panel, previously said: "If the summer lottery is well supported and the magic million is reached, we can investigate a law change that could enable Guernsey charities to benefit."

Mr O'Hara added that he also wanted clarification on what should happen to the money from unclaimed prizes.

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