Guernsey retailers 'can choose' to take part in grocery study

Guernsey retailers have been told they can choose whether to take part in a review of grocery prices.

The Channel Islands Competition Regulatory Authorities (CICRA) is investigating the cost of buying groceries in Jersey and Guernsey.

Andrew Riseley, the CEO of CICRA, said Jersey retailers could be forced to take part but Guernsey firms cannot.

He said he believed it was in the best interests of Guernsey businesses to co-operate with the review.

Mr Riseley said CICRA would use pan-Channel Islands retailers for the study, but had contacted a number of Guernsey only retailers to ask them to participate as well.

He said: "We have the power to make them take part in Jersey because of a particular provision in the competition law.

"We think the increased transparency that we are hoping the study will bring is in the interests not only of consumers but also of retailers."

The results of the review are due to be published in October.

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