Guernsey drivers warned not to import super unleaded

Guernsey's health and safety chief has warned drivers against importing super unleaded fuel to sell on to others.

Richard Brown said he had heard about islanders planning to bring the petrol to the island after Fuel Supplies CI announced it would stop doing so.

The company said it would cease regular importations from April, although it would investigate bringing in one-off shipments for motor events.

Fuel Supplies CI is the island's only importer of the high-octane fuel.

The majority of cars will not be affected by the change but users of high performance vehicles have expressed concern.

Mr Brown said he was unaware of any individuals having brought the fuel into the island but he wanted to "send a shot across the bows".

He said he would be working with the Guernsey Border Agency to monitor any attempts to bring in fuel illegally.

Since 1924, it has been illegal to import and store fuels for domestic use, with the exception of up to two gallons (9 litres) in a storage can.

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