Guernsey States manual workers reject strike move

States manual workers have rejected a move to strike over their latest pay offer.

At a meeting on Monday, 200 workers voted for a full tribunal rather than industrial action.

The States has asked employees to accept a pay freeze, while workers have asked for a 3% pay rise, which unions say is in line with the cost of living.

Unite regional officer Bob Lanning said they have put their faith in the Guernsey tribunal system.

He said: "They want it out in the public domain and they believe they've got a case for a cost of living pay rise."

Mr Lanning said some of the workers had decided against striking as they could not afford to lose a day's pay.

He said: "These workers have seen their rents go up by 3%, gas and electric by far more than 3%, they need 3% to stand still."

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