Guernsey deputies complain about gas monopoly on island

Guernsey gas has been criticised by local politicians for having a monopoly on supplies.

Some deputies believe that bills would be lower if the company faced the same scrutiny as other utilities.

Deputy Dave Jones said: "As the monopoly supplier, they can put prices up as they see fit."

Guernsey Gas director John Davies said: "We compete with both oil and electricity as alternative forms of energy supply."

Deputy John Gollop said: "This is a gaping hole in Guernsey's energy policy that needs to be reviewed."

However, Deputy Jan Kuttlewascher does not think it is a big issue.

He says despite Guernsey Gas being the only provider on the island it still faces competition from oil and electricity, although he does conceded that it "is not practical for some houses".

Guernsey's Commerce and Employment Department said it would review the issues concerning the regulation of gas supplies.

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