Guernsey States debate a new waste disposal plan

Guernsey States have been debating how to dispose of the island's waste.

Recent proposals include sending waste off the island, but the infrastructure to do so would cost £24m (30m euro).

Deputy Laurie Queripel believes a new landfill site would be cheaper than exporting and could be more environmentally-friendly if people were encouraged to recycle more.

The Public Services department said, while it seemed a cheap, easy solution, it was "nowhere near our best option".

Mont Cuet landfill is currently the only site in use, but it is rapidly filling up.

Deputy Queripel said: "I don't think a landfill option has been considered enough."

No sites have the relevant permissions necessary but the Public Services department claimed it was theoretically possible for a landfill to occur at Les Vardes Quarry in St Sampson's.

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