Guernsey car transfer fee causes protest

A fee for transferring ownership of a used car has caused outrage amongst some motorists in Guernsey.

The Environment Department said it would bring in the £25 fee in March.

In an open letter to the States, car enthusiast Ayrton Hockaday claimed the charge would have a major knock-on effect to island business.

Deputy Roger Domaille said: "The cost is entirely reasonable". The fee will be charged when a car owner changes its registration details.

Guernsey Motor Trades Association said: "Transport is a major talking point that cannot be ignored."

In his letter, Mr Hockaday said: "Not only has this tax been introduced without any consent of local people, it will also have a major knock-on effect to the island's business."

He urges the States to "stop spending money and learn how to save".

He has copied his statement to the "Abolish the Sneaky New Guernsey Car Tax" Facebook protest page, set up by Lee Sebire.

The group now has almost 1,000 members.

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