Isle Of Man / Ellan Vannin

Sir Paul Haddacks says farewell to the Isle of Man

Vice Admiral Sir Paul Haddacks has appeared in Tynwald for the last time to salute the Isle of Man before his departure next month.

Sir Paul will be succeeded by Adam Wood as the island's Lieutenant Governor in an official ceremony on 7 April.

In a speech during the March sitting of Tynwald Sir Paul told the court he felt honoured to have lived on the island.

He said: "I salute the island and the island's politicians for their far-sightedness and wisdom."

He added: "There are many things we appreciate about the Isle of Man, the sense of community, the sense of culture and history, the success of Manx sport and the wisdom of successive Manx governments who have fixed the roof while the sun has shined.

"I have never had a moments doubt that the Isle of Man is a well-governed jurisdiction."

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