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Basking shark spotted off Manx coast with damaged fin

A sighting of a basking shark with a damaged fin near the Manx coast has prompted a government warning.

It is thought that the injured shark, which was photographed off Niarbyl, collided with a vessel.

The government is now calling for all boat and jet ski users to exercise caution during the summer months.

A government spokesperson said: "Reckless or intentional injury and disturbance of basking sharks is an offence and is taken very seriously."

He added: "Prosecution for basking shark disturbance or injury under the Wildlife Act could result in a fine of up to £5,000 and a criminal record".

It is thought that Basking sharks often swim with their dorsal fins just below the surface and do not necessarily respond to approaching vessels.

The government said it was therefore the responsibility of boat users to take extra care to avoid injury.

Vessels are asked to keep at least 100m (328ft) away from the sharks.

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