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School vandalism repairs cost more than £24,000

Vandalism at Manx schools in the last financial year cost more than £24,000 to repair, the government has said.

Eddie Teare, Minister for Education and Children, announced the figure as he urged people to respect school grounds during the summer holidays.

Three quarters of all schools on the island suffered vandalism at some point during the year.

Mr Teare said the public could be stopped from using school grounds for recreational use if it continued.

'Superb environment'

"The sums we have to spend repairing damage to property and grounds caused by a small minority of thoughtless individuals would be much better spent on buying books and equipment for our children," he said.

"Vandals also have little consideration for children's safety. Almost half the incidents reported to us are of broken windows and smashed glass.

"Other incidents involve people climbing on to and damaging roofs - risking their own safety as well."

He added: "Our school grounds provide superb, off-street environments in which children can play during the summer and it would be a great shame if a small minority of people who don't show any respect for school properties spoil it for everyone and we were forced to close grounds out of hours."

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