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Isle of Man's majority 'would vote Conservative'

The majority of Manx residents would vote Conservative in UK elections, an independent survey has revealed.

The People Power survey interviewed more than 1000 people to ask how they would vote if they lived in the UK.

Of those asked, 55% said they would vote Conservative, 36% for Labour while 8% opted for Liberal Democrat.

The survey also identified regional differences, with the west of the island preferring Labour and the North and South preferring Conservative.

The survey, conducted by UK company, HPI research, was co-ordinated by Professor Hugh Davidson with the aim of giving Manx people a say in island politics.

The Isle of Man currently has two political parties, the Labour Party and the Liberal Vannin party.

The Labour party has had a presence there for around 80 years whereas the Liberal Vannin party was founded in 2006.

Most island politicians consider themselves independent of any party allegiance.

The Isle of Man general elections will be held on 29 September.

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