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Isle of Man election candidates in Peel reject EU

All four candidates standing for election in Peel have rejected the idea of developing closer ties with Europe.

The question was asked during an election debate at the Centenary Centre in Peel, hosted by Manx Radio.

The panel was asked how they would vote if the House of Keys held a motion on becoming a full member of the EU.

Current MHK for Peel, Tim Crookall, said: "We should definitely stay out of Europe - we have enough on our plate with the United Kingdom at the moment."

He added: "I think the state that Europe is in, we would need to stay well away, with the economy we have, we are far better on our own."

Challenging candidate Roger Gimbert also said he would be against the move.


"I am not too happy about the fact that the UK impose EU legislation on us via the back door and I think we should make sure new legislation is fit for purpose in the Isle of Man, and not just Europe," he said.

Leslie Hanson, also standing in Peel, said he would not consider getting involved in Europe because of the instability.

"Europe is bankrupt now and we want to stay as far away from that situation as possible," he said.

Ray Harmer, the final candidate to speak during the debate, said as it stood, he would also advocate keeping away.

"If we were to lock horns with Europe in an uneven relationship, which is what it would be, we would end up with more disadvantage than advantage," he said.

The Isle of Man general elections take place on 29 September.

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