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Isle of Man election: Your candidates by constituency

Image caption Watch below to see each election candidate for the Isle of Man General Election 2011

Sixty-four election candidates will contest a total of 24 seats in the Isle of Man general election 2011, and this is your chance to hear from them.

Over the past few months every candidate has been interviewed on air, for five minutes, by Manx Radio during their daily Mandate programme.

Each of the links below will take you to alphabetically ordered videos within each constituency, hosted on YouTube.

Polling for the island elections takes place on 29 September.

To be registered to vote you must be 16 or over by election day, resident at the address stated on your registration form, and resident in the Isle of Man for at least one year.

The island is almost entirely self-governing, and the 24 successful representatives will control virtually every aspect of public life from law and order to health provision.

All new political members successful in the election will be sworn in to the House of Keys on 4 October.

A new chief minister will be elected by Tynwald on 11 October following Tony Brown's decision to retire from politics after 35 years in public service.

Candidates by constituency:

AYRE (3 for 1 seat)

Pat Ayres Liberal Vannin Party (LVP)

Andrew Newington-Bridges

Eddie Teare MHK

CASTLETOWN (6 for 1 seat)

Colin Leather

Jason Moorhouse

Mahendra Patel

David Pownall

Carol Quine

Richard Ronan

DOUGLAS EAST (6 for 2 seats)

Brenda Cannell MHK

John Karran

Richard Kissack

Paul Moulton

Geraldine O'Neill

Chris Robertshaw MHK

DOUGLAS NORTH (4 for 2 seats)

Theo Fleurbaay

Bill Henderson MHK

Peter Hill (LVP)

John Houghton MHK

DOUGLAS SOUTH (3 for 2 seats)

Kate Beecroft (LVP)

David Cretney MHK

Bill Malarkey MHK

DOUGLAS WEST (4 for 2 seats)

Geoff Corkish MHK

John Shimmin MHK

John Skinner

Chris Thomas (LVP)

GARFF (2 for 1 seat)

Nigel Dobson (LVP)

Steve Rodan MHK

GLENFABA (3 for 1 seat)

David Anderson MHK

Geoffrey Boot

Matthew Wadsworth

MALEW & SANTON (3 for 1 seat)

Graham Cregeen MHK

John Hanson

Gareth Kelly

MICHAEL (3 for 1 seat)

Alfred Cannan

Paul Heavey

David Talbot

MIDDLE (4 for 1 seat)

Juan Cottier

Paul Craine

Howard Quayle

Martyn Quayle MHK

ONCHAN (6 for 3 seats)

Adrian Earnshaw

Peter Karran MHK (LVP)

June Kelly

Zac Hall (LVP)

David Quirk MHK

Brian Stowell

PEEL (5 for 1 seat)

Tim Crookall MHK

Rodger Gimbert

Leslie Hanson

Raymond Harmer

Arran Kaighin

RAMSEY (6 for 2 seats)

Allan Bell MHK

Linda Bowers-Kasch (LVP)

Anne Craine MHK

Lawrie Hooper

John McDonough

Leonard Singer

RUSHEN (6 for 3 seats)

Phil Gawne MHK

Quintin Gill MHK

David Jones (LVP)

John Orme

Laurence Skelly

Juan Watterson

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