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Move to protect Isle of Man queenie fisheries

A new initiative aimed at protecting stocks of queenie scallops in the Irish Sea has been launched by the Manx government.

The voluntary scheme encourages vessels to operate on just three days a week.

It was devised by the Queenie Management Board, which consists of fishermen from around the Irish Sea.

Scottish vessel owner John King said: "It is in all our interests to ensure that we have a stable, successful and secure fishery."

He added: "As well as fishermen's livelihoods, several hundred processing jobs in Kirkcudbright, Fleetwood and the Isle of Man depend on this fishery, and we cannot afford to lose these for the short-term gain that the industry will receive from continuing to fish at current levels".

The queen scallop (aequipecten opercularis) is a bivalve mollusc which can grow up to 9cm in diameter and is found at depths of 100m.

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