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Isle of Man airport security spend causes 'concern'

A £3m spend on equipment to improve security at the Isle of Man airport has caused political "concern" amid a series of government cut backs.

Later this month Tynwald will be asked to approve the funding for new security and baggage machines at Ronaldsway.

The request comes after public protests took place against recent cuts in both education and social care.

Infrastructure Minister David Cretney said, while he was concerned about the timing, he was bound by EU regulations.

He added that if the new x-ray machines were not in place by September, the island would be in breach of the UK Aviation security programme which would ultimately mean no hold bags could be carried by airlines servicing the island.

The move is expected to generate opposition in parliament in the context of the closure of 11 pre-school nurseries as well as an elderly care home in Douglas.

The request for funding will be debated by members of Tynwald on 20 March.

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