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Isle of Man school bids for £800,000 dining room

Queen Elizabeth II High School
Image caption Queen Elizabeth II High School in Peel opened in 1979

The Isle of Man's education minister is to ask the Manx parliament for almost £800,000 to build a new dining room at a school in the west of the island.

Tim Crookhall will appeal to Tynwald this month for a new facility at Queen Elizabeth II High School in Peel.

A spokesman said it would accommodate a growing number of pupils.

He added that the kitchen and dining room at the 35-year-old school was designed to cater for about 500 students but there were now almost 900.

Tynwald has already approved £77,900 for the project- at the June sitting of Tynwald, Mr Crookall will ask for a further £756,800 to complete the work.