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Stamps to mark Isle of Man's Lusitania link

A painting of the Lusitania with the Wanderer, by John Halsall Image copyright Isle of Man Post Office
Image caption One of the stamps features the sinking of the RMS Lusitania and the Manx fishing vessel, the Wanderer which rescued about 150 passengers

The Isle of Man Post Office has launched a special edition of stamps to mark the link between the island and the saving of RMS Lusitania passengers.

The ship was torpedoed off the coast of the Republic of Ireland by a German U-boat in 1915, killing 1,198 people.

It was carrying more than 2,000 passengers from New York to Liverpool.

A Manx fishing boat, the Wanderer, was in the area at the time and rescued about 150 people. The seven fishermen were all given bravery medals.

Isle of Man Post Office said: "The island has a proud tradition as a seafaring nation - to celebrate this the Post Office has produced a set of four stamps that capture the beautiful oil and watercolour paintings of John Halsall".

Other ships featured include the Master Frank RY95, HMS Ramsey and Ben my Chree III.

The latter took part in operations at Gallipoli in 1915 while the HMS Ramsey sank in 1915 while serving with the Royal Navy.

A spokesman said: "The Master Frank RY95 is the Isle of Man's longest-surviving half-decker still afloat and was built in 1893 or 1895".

The miniature cover sheet is being launched on 1 May.

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