Jersey's economic strategy 'needs review'

The States has been told it should find savings to its budgets before raising more through taxes.

Senator Sarah Ferguson said the fiscal strategy should be reviewed, and there should be no more tax rises until the States has saved the money it has already committed to.

The senator chairs the corporate services scrutiny panel.

She said the Treasury had not brought public spending under control, as it said it would.

The senator said: "What we want to see is a medium to long term fiscal strategy and absolute determination to look at the way the States are spending money, and to actually reduce government expenditure.

"Not front line services, but to do things better, simpler and cheaper."

The corporate services panel that scrutinises the work of the Treasury and Resources Department has been looking into the fiscal strategy review done last year.

It said it was not a true fiscal strategy review because it was too narrow in scope and had a short-term focus.

The review was part of a response to the economic downturn that included spending cuts and tax rises.

The Treasury has yet to respond to Senator Ferguson's comments.

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