Jersey police launch a speed awareness campaign

The States of Jersey police and the Honorary police have launched a month long speed awareness campaign.

The aim is to reduce the speed of traffic on Jersey's roads and reduce the number and severity of injuries caused by accidents.

A police spokesperson said they wanted to raise awareness of the consequences of exceeding the speed limit.

A number of serious crashes have occurred recently including a three-car collision in Trinity on Sunday.

Chief Inspector John Sculthorp from the Roads Policing unit, said: "Although the causes of the recent spate of serious collisions have been varied, it is an obvious fact that speed will always be an aggravating factor in terms of the severity of injury that will result when collisions occur.

"This campaign therefore aims to raise awareness in drivers' minds of the importance of keeping within the speed limit," he said.

He added that anyone found to be exceeding the speed limit could expect to be prosecuted.

The police said the campaign was not about prosecuting as many motorists as possible, but was about changing driver behaviour to make the island's roads safer.

Police figures revealed that in 2009 a total of 381 motorists were stopped for speeding - the maximum speed recorded was 81mph.

In 2010 that figure increased to 493 motorists being stopped for speeding, and the maximum speed recorded was 85mph.

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