Jersey housing regulation change for civil partners

Jersey's Housing Department said it would change regulations to give same-sex couples the same rights as a husband and wife.

Nina Benest, a Jersey lawyer, found that the planned civil partnership law did not allow for equal housing rights.

But the housing minister said it would change regulations so that by the time the civil partnership law comes in, civil partners would be equal.

Andrew Green said it was important civil partners were treated equally.

Deputy Green said: "It was always intended it would be treated separately and the intention is that we need to change secondary law and regulations.

"Two things are important, that same sex couples who have a civil partnership will be recognised in exactly the same way under housing regulations as a married couple of the opposite sex.

"And when it comes to social housing they will be recognised in the same way as married couples of opposite sexes."

The change would allow same-sex couples to buy property together even if only one partner has housing qualifications.

The civil partnership law is due to be changed to give gay couples the same housing rights as a husband and wife by the States of Jersey.

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