Jersey politician calls for Island Plan date change

View of Jersey from the sky
Image caption The Island Plan sets the guidelines for development in Jersey over ten years

Politicians should not be allowed to debate the Island Plan so close to the election, according to a deputy.

The States is deciding on a plan that will set out guidelines for building and conservation in Jersey over the next decade.

The discussion over the plan has moved slowly, with members in every day to speed it along.

Deputy Trevor Pitman said part of the delay must be down to the proximity of a general election in October.

'Spectacular U-turns'

He said: "This debate on a business plan should never ever again be allowed to happen four months before an election.

"The amount of spectacular U-turns I've seen, electioneering rants I've heard, the nimbyism, it is stunning.

"If we are going to get informed decisions taken on the island plan and housing then this debate needs to be moved."

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