Entire Jersey scrutiny panel standing down

An entire panel of politicians who examine Home Affairs and Education policies are stepping down.

Deputies Roy Le Herissier, Trevor Pitman and Jeremy Macon will follow Deputy Montfort Tadier, who resigned last week.

They said they were unhappy with the home affairs minister's behaviour in a recent debate about the Prison Board of Visitors.

And they said the general attitude towards scrutiny borders on disrespect.

The three deputies will be resigning in September once the review into the financial management of the historic child abuse inquiry is concluded.

'Double standard'

Deputy Tadier wanted to allow members of the public to join the group of Jurats who visit prisoners to ensure they were being treated well.

The States rejected the panel's suggestion and as a result Deputy Tadier said he was standing down from the four scrutiny panels he belongs to.

Deputies Le Herissier, Macon and Pitman have now now said they fully support his decision.

But the Treasury and Resources Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf, suggested to Deputy Le Herissier, the panel chairman, that there was a double standard at work.

"If a minister were to do this we would be regarded as petulant," he said.

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