Jersey law change needed for new 5p and 10p coins

Some coins in Jersey could soon be made out of nickel plated steel if a change in the law is approved.

The treasury minister wants to allow 5p and 10p coins made out of the material to be available in the island.

Currently they are made from cupro-nickel but the UK Treasury has approved a Royal Mint proposal to make the change.

For the new coins to be used in circulation in Jersey a law change would be needed.

The UK has issued a Royal Proclamation to make the new coins legal tender, which means Jersey has to change the law from 1971 to add the coins to the list of legal tender in the island.

The change has come as a result of the rising cost of metal.

The new coins will save up to £18 for every 1,000 5p pieces, and £35 per 1,000 10p coins.

The States will debate the change to the law on the 8 November.

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