Jersey election posters in wrong place under threat

Election posters could be taken down in Jersey if States officials believe they are hazardous to pedestrians or drivers.

Candidates for the elections on 19 October have been told to stick to the guidelines.

Transport and Technical Services, which is responsible for road safety, said some were in places that could be dangerous.

The department said some posters were obscuring road signs.

It said others had been put up lower than 7ft high, which breaks the guidelines because they could injure pedestrians.

John Rogers, the Chief Officer of Transport and Technical Services, said: "There are lots of people going for election this year and with the common election date there are a lot of posters going up.

"We are not going to stop people putting them up we just want them to be sensible really."

The candidates are being asked to move them but if TTS staff are concerned, they will remove them instead.

Candidates will have 48 hours to remove their banners and posters after the election.

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