Jersey's Grainville School sets up army cadet force

Grainville School is setting up its own section of the Jersey Army Cadet Force.

Victoria College has a school cadet force, but Grainville is the first non-fee paying school in Jersey to do so.

The first meeting of the Grainville cadets was on Thursday, and organisers said a number of students have already expressed an interest in joining.

The Grainville section is being set up to give young people more leadership opportunities and boost the school's extra-curricular activities.

The section is part of the Royal Jersey Militia Army Cadet Force and will be based at the TA Centre at Mount Bingham.

The cadets will learn arms training, tactical first aid, camping, orienteering and survival skills.

John McGuinness, Grainville's head teacher, said: "This instils an element of discipline.

"Most people would say actually young people want a focus, they want something to work towards rather than milling around the streets and the parks.

"These young people are saying actually I want to do something that's got meaning and got purpose."

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