Jersey scrutiny 'should not be opposition'

A review into Jersey's scrutiny panels has said they should avoid becoming an opposition to the executive.

The review, led by Senator Sarah Ferguson, said ministers should play their part and stop ignoring scrutiny.

Senator Ferguson, scrutiny chairman's committee president, looked at the whole process.

She spoke to politicians and officials as part of the review which she said she hoped would help develop and improve the process.

She found a major stumbling block in making scrutiny work was the perception that its role was inferior to the ministerial one.

The Senator said it could shake this off by becoming more usefully involved in the development of government policy.

She said it needed to re-focus its activities and become more involved in the development of government policy.

Senator Ferguson said: "It doesn't need to lose its independence but it can comment and come up with useful comments in the development of policy.

"Then if it wishes to review it it understands where it has all come from."

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