Sir Philip Bailhache tops Jersey election senatorial vote

Former Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache secured a record number of votes to top the polls for senator in the 2011 Jersey elections.

His 17,538 votes beat the total won by Vernon Tomes in 1993.

Sir Philip said: "The message I gave during my campaign that things had to change in the States struck a chord with a great many people.

"I think people were fed up with the way the States have been operating, all the bickering and the time wasting."

Ian Gorst was second with 15,614 votes, Francis Le Gresley third with 14,981, and Lyndon Farnham fourth on 11,095.

Senator Freddie Cohen lost his seat in the election which saw senators, deputies and constables elected on the same day for the first time.

Senator-elect Bailhache topped the poll in all but one parish. St Helier put Francis Le Gresley top of their senatorial list with the former bailiff in second.

Political analyst Prof Adrian Lee said: "Eighty per cent of people who voted in the senatorials cast a vote for Philip Bailhache.

"That is a mandate nobody has enjoyed in Jersey for some considerable time."

In total nine sitting politicians lost their seats in the election, but there are 16 new members in the States of Jersey.

Full results from the 2011 Jersey election

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