Jersey family worry over cost of care for their daughter

Amelia Beaton
Image caption Lisa Beaton said her daughter Amelia should be entitled to some kind of disability allowance

A Jersey family whose daughter needs constant medical care say they are concerned about meeting her care costs when she reaches five.

Two-year-old Amelia Beaton needs a medical device to help her absorb food, which is replaced every three months.

The Health department has been funding it but her parents said they were now confused about what would happen.

A health spokesperson said parents were asked to contribute 30% to the cost of some products once a child is five.

Amelia's mother Lisa said her daughter would not survive without the medical device, which is called a peg gastronomy button.

She said she was concerned that she did not know how much she would have to pay when Amelia reaches five years old.

She said: "No-one has been able to give me a direct answer, I've been passed from pillar to post between health and social security, I'm not entirely certain who is responsible for what."

'Small contribution'

In a statement, a health spokesperson said: "In any case when a young child under five is prescribed certain products for their condition, these are provided free of charge.

"However, when the child reaches five, parents are asked to make a small contribution towards the cost of the product, around 30%.

"We are aware that there has been some uncertainty and confusion around these rules. We have already contacted the family concerned."

Ms Beaton said the health department had assured her that Amelia's products should be free of charge until she was five.

However, she said she had been told there was a possibility that some dressings might not be covered under the agreement.

She said the health department was looking into the case further.

Ms Beaton said: "My argument is not so much with health but the social security system which so fundamentally lets down our children and the people that really need it.

"If Amelia was entitled to some kind of disability allowance, as she would be automatically in the UK, then I wouldn't have so much of an issue in having to pay."

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