Chickens on Noirmont farm killed by two dogs

Surving chicken at the farm in Noirmont
Image caption Mr Rabet said about 150 birds were killed

A Jersey farmer has said he is devastated after about 150 of his chickens were killed by two dogs.

Alan Rabet, of Warren Farm, Noirmont, said the two Jack Russell terriers got into the coop on Sunday morning, killing about 150 birds.

The farmer said he had been planning to go into egg production but said he estimated the attack had cost him about £4,000 for his business.

The States of Jersey Police said they were investigating the incident.

Mr Rabet said he was alerted to the attack by a man who had been walking his own dog.

He said the man had suffered a bite to his hand while trying to remove one of the dogs.

'Whole lot of them'

Mr Rabet said: "I got up and somebody walking past with their dogs said the chickens were getting attacked by two Jack Russells.

"The person came with me, the dogs had already been in there for a couple of hours, I thought it might have been a couple of chickens but it was almost the whole lot of them."

The farmer said he had lost a contract to supply eggs because of the attack and said it would take him at least another three months to get back to production.

Mr Rabet said he had spoken to the dogs' owners and they were very upset about the incident.

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