Surgeon will remove PIP breast implants for free in Jersey

A consultant plastic surgeon who has used PIP breast implants on patients from Jersey has offered to give his time for free to remove them.

Jersey's health service said no patients in the island's hospital had had breast surgery involving the implants made by the French firm PIP .

But it is understood dozens of Jersey women have had them privately.

The implants were banned last year after they were found to contain a non-medical grade silicone filler.

Adrian Grobbelar, a consultant plastic surgeon, said he had used the silicone implants on his Jersey patients in the past, but was offering to remove them for free if these women were anxious.

'Important consideration'

It is still not known who would pay for the hospital theatres and staff needed for such operations.

Dr Susan Turnbull, Jersey's Medical Officer of Health, said: "If despite the reassurance of the expert review there are any women who are still concerned, she should discuss these concerns with her doctor.

"There is no suggestion that any urgent action is needed on the basis of possible PIP risk.

"Women should take their time to weigh up the pros and cons of having a further operation earlier than would normally be necessary - no implant lasts indefinitely.

"An important consideration is that implant removal in itself carries a degree of risk, as does any surgical operation."

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