Lightning shuts down Jersey's Gorey castle

Gorey Castle
Image caption Mont Orgueil castle was hit by lightning on Friday

One of Jersey's biggest tourist attractions had its electrical systems shut down by a storm on Friday.

Ian Daley, operations and security manager for Jersey Heritage, said a lightning bolt had hit Gorey Castle.

The lightning blew out the alarms, entry pass machines and affected some computers.

He said it meant security guards had had to watch over the castle while the systems were being fixed.

Mr Daley said the storm had caused quite a headache for staff.

'Up and running'

He said: "It managed to blow out the intruder and fire alarms on the site as well as other electrical items."

Jersey Heritage managed to get the intruder alarms back up and running on Sunday evening but had to have security guards at the site overnight.

"There is a lot of extensive damage to the fire alarm panel, engineers are currently on site and we hope to have that back up and running this evening.

"If that isn't back up and running we will have security on site overnight just in case."

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